How To Check YouTube Search Competition(And Ghosting)

youtube search competition

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about YouTube, so today you’re in for a treat. We’re going to talk YouTube search competition.

I’m going to explain how to check YouTube search competition so that you can work more efficiently and make more money. Also I’ll give you an extra tip at the end, so stay tuned.

We’re all here to learn about video SEO so I won’t waste any more time writing long sentences like this that don’t add any value to the subject at hand.


Let’s get right into it shall we?

Anyway, you surely have a keyword that you’re looking at and you’re skeptical.

youtube search bar

“Can I really rank this?”

“How much money am I going to have to sink into this to rank on YouTube?”

These are all questions that we ask ourselves when we think we’ve found a winner.

Checking YouTube Search Competition

There are a few things we need to consider.

First of all, your wallet.

The money that you’re going to spend attempting to rank your YouTube video should be 100% disposable.

In other words, if you get robbed tomorrow and you lose $100 it shouldn’t matter to you.

So let’s get started with this!

I can already tell some of you are mad little dare devils spending too much on this, so I hope you pull through with your niche!

Firstly, search your keyword and check out the top results.


Blast to the past, what!?

Yes I’m using Clash of Clans as my example.

Just look at the amount of views some of those videos have!

Over seven million views and still third? Boo!

It’s clear here that authority is at play.

Channels with lots of subscribers are toying around with this keyword and you can tell they’re killing it.

There are also some recently uploaded videos that are ranking.

You can clearly tell that this is a tough niche, it’s definitely super-duper high competition.

What’s a low competition niche?

I can already tell that you want an example of a low competition niche now.

I can read minds you know.

youtube search results low competiton

You can probably already see the difference.

This is more like medium competition but you get the point.

I could own this niche within a day, and so could you!

The niche is the same, yet the YouTube search competition is now much lower!

This was achieved by making the keyword more specific, I added “ios” to the end.

Easy enough right?

I’m well aware that this niche isn’t going to bring as much money as a broader keyword, but when you’re new it’s best to go for keywords like this instead of trying to tackle massive keywords.

It makes more sense, just make plenty of videos and you’ll be earning well in no time!

BONUS: Is your YouTube video ghosted?

I’ve been asked to write about this, but there isn’t enough to say about it to warrant a whole article.

So here we incognito

Ever used this nifty little feature? Of course you have!

But we’re going to be using it differently this time.

Copy your full video title, and go to the incognito tab.

Browse to YouTube and search for your full title.

Does your video show up?

If not, your video may be ghosted but there is one more thing you can try.

youtube search filter button

Click on filter, then change your upload date filter to “Today”(if you uploaded your video today)

youtube upload date filtering

If your video still doesn’t come up, then it’s definitely ghosted.

You may have used some bad keywords like “hack” or “free” and YouTube has ghosted you!

Try building up your channel authority by buying subscribers and make sure you warm up your account by using it like your personal account for a while.


I hope this article helped you out. As you can see I check YouTube search competition by eye. No fancy tools, keep it simple.

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Till next time!

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