3 Awesome Ways To Gauge Niche Interest!

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Looking for a way to gauge niche interest?

I got you!

Today we’ll look over three ways to do just that.

Stick around to see what’s up my sleeve!

Let’s start off with something super easy.

Google Search Volume(Monthly Searches)

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great way to gauge niche interest.

The more people search for your niche(especially your keyword) the better!

I know almost everyone already knows about this, but in the last few months a lot of people have been having trouble with it.

So I’ll show a little trick to show exact search data from Google instead of this useless garbage:

keyword planner ranges

These are the dreaded volume ranges that Google brought out to incentivize people to pay for AdWords.

The tool to fix this is called Keywords Everywhere.

It’s available for Firefox and Chrome.

What it does is it shows search volume in a lot of places(including Keyword Planner) which really helps you find good niches as you casually search the web.

easy search volume

Quite nifty, right?

Consider it a must have, you’ll be inspired by all the different things on the internet that could turn you a profit.

Another handy feature is their right-click function. You can select some text and get search data right there and then!

right click option

Just click “Get Keyword Data” and you’ll get a pop up in the middle of your screen with useful data regarding that keyword!

Just like this:

right click result

Just for those who are unaware. The competition score is for PPC ads, not for YouTube or Google SEO competition!

Don’t make the mistake of discarding keywords because of this score. If you’re going for organic traffic you can ignore CPC and Competition.

There is plenty more functionality to this tool, I’ll let you discover it yourself!

Google Trends

Google Trends is awesome!

You can see whether a niche is dying out, or on the rise.

google trends comparison graph

In the image above I’m using Google Trends to compare two different niches to see how they look side by side.

I already know that the red niche is a great niche to get into, and it seems that the blue niche has about the same amount of interest at the moment and still rising!

You can also see which countries are interested in it the most, which is amazing.

google trends country statistics

All these countries have very good & well-paying offers, so it looks like the niche is a winner!

This is super handy if you want to avoid those niches that result in a bunch of third world country leads.

Online Media Activity

If you don’t already follow media online, then it’s about time you started!

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for gauging interest and even finding new trends.

If people are talking about it then there is probably money in it.

facebook niche interest gauge

1,200,000 views in just two days!

Look at the sheer amount of Fortnite content on Facebook and Twitter, if that isn’t a strong indication of interest I don’t know what is!

This game is HOT!


Browse Reddit every now and then to catch up with the latest trends and be one of the first to see them!

Try logging out and use CTRL + F on the home page to see how many Fortnite related posts there are.

reddit fortnite popularity

I found five, and some of them are not even on the /r/gaming subreddit. Once again, HOT!

Gaming Websites

These have quite a bit of value in them.

I personally don’t read many gaming blogs but for those who like gaming niches this is a gold mine!

They will obviously write a lot more about popular games than unknown games, which is how I would gauge niche interest in that area.

Some even have an upcoming games section that is super useful for finding something completely new!

ign upcoming games

These are all niches that have the potential to blow up and you can do your research before they even hit the shelves!


There are tons of ways to gauge niche interest, these are just a few of them! There are others like AppAnnie which are already well documented on forums and such.

Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to rank it on YouTube with my guide!

Remember to leave me some feedback below in the comments and join the community over at Discord and Facebook!

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