How To Overcome Information Overload!

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Ever heard of information overload?

Some may call it brain fatigue.

It’s a real thing, believe it or not!

When you spend all your time reading and learning about something like CPA you can become tired mentally.

I know that some of you are doing just that, so here are some things you can do to avoid it entirely or just energize yourself!


Are you experiencing this?

How can you tell if you’re experiencing the same thing?

You could be feeling very lazy, not wanting to go about your day the way you usually would.

Instead you feel like sitting on the couch all day watching Netflix and drinking soda!

You could get very impatient or even annoyed and have trouble focusing on your work.

That really sucks and you definitely want to get out of that state of mind as soon as possible to get back on track with your work and become “this guy”.

What causes information overload?

There are many things that can contribute to the way you feel.

You could be drained from all the things you’re doing all at once or if you’re constantly interrupted during your work and have to refocus.

If you’re an unorganized person, that could be your problem too!

For me, right now I’m working on quite a lot of stuff and started to experience exactly what I’m writing about here.

There is the blog, which I’m trying to update every week. You may or may not have noticed that this post is actually two days overdue!


There are my own YouTube campaigns I’m running.

Discord Group Chat and Facebook Group where I’m trying to help each and every one of you that message me.

There are also two or three secret projects that you guys don’t know about yet.

But you will soon! Hopefully within the next few months.

On top of all that there is my private life too!

I needed to take some time off to get back to my usual self.

What I did to feel great again

I took some time to relax.

It’s great to see some friends and have a chill night, you should always make time for that!

It’s also great to go out and get some exercise.

go for a drive

I went for a drive to a cliff walk with my girlfriend since it was sunny today and now I feel great!

Even just sitting at home can be draining.

Go and take some time to enjoy the environment you live in.

You’ll be able to clear your head and feel more positive rather than negative.

take in the nature

We walked about three miles down the trail and had a blast!

I didn’t think about work even for a second!

Okay I may have taken these photos for this article but that’s besides the point.

Be organised

I find that forming good habits and becoming organised can make you a lot more productive and help you avoid information overload.

Be up early and get your chores out of the way. This way you’ll have nothing to worry about and can get your work done without interruption.

Some great tools for this that I use are Google Keep and Google Assistant.

My Keep app is filled with ideas for upcoming articles, niches and even new websites. There are also other things there like lists and random things I’d like to remember for later.

I use Google Assistant all the time to set reminders. It helps me keep organised and get things done as soon as possible.


Have you ever run into this problem yourself? I have a lot! When I first started CPA I actually had to stop for a while because my head was steaming from all the information I was taking in.

One last thing. If you have an idea, don’t dwell on it!

Get up and do it before you forget all about it.

Thank you for reading and I hope to chat to you on Discord and the Facebook Group!

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